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Increase your revenue one order at a time

PickUp is a new order and pickup service for live music events, focussed on decreasing waiting times and increasing your revenue

your visitor experience

PickUp allows you to balance your peak loads and re-distribute bar traffic by moving the waiting line to the dancefloor. This allows your visitors to spend more time enjoying your show.

your offering

Our data-driven approach will help you understand how to optimise your product offering per store and time. This allows you to create relevant promotions and package deals for your visitors to increase your average order value.

traffic and sales

We leverage our deep understanding of user behaviour at festivals to generate more and higher quality traffic to your stores. This allows you to reach more customers and increase conversion for any type of product that you’re selling.

How it works

Browse shop

Based on location, preferences and ease of access.

How it works

Create your order

Optimised for an easy checkout process.

How it works

Pick up your order

And keep dancing while it’s being prepared.


Increase your average
order value


Prominently featured on the menu to increase your visitors’ AOV.


Offering relevant (data-based) opportunities for upselling to your visitors.


Offer relevant products to your visitors based on their order history.

We were able to order beers from our tent

Emily, 25

Our store types


• Reduce the load on your main bar operation
• Increase average order value by selling bulk
• Possibility to integrate sponsorship


• Drive more traffic to your merch store
• Pre-ordering possible ahead of the event
• Increase average order value through upselling


• Eliminate frustration waiting for food
• Spread peak-loads by smart activations
• Increase basket size through combi-deals


• Drive more traffic to your camping store
• Pre-ordering possible ahead of the festival
• Sell essentials in collaboration with (y)our partners

What you get


The hardware we provide is built for festivals: easy to use and ultra-fast. To improve order time, we offer custom set-ups for each store type.


We recognise the importance of happy and efficient personnel which is why we will onboard your bar- and operational staff with on-premise training.

24/7 Support

During your event we will offer around the clock on-premise support for your operations staff, for technical issues and for your visitors.


With 1250+ festival partnerships under our belt, we have developed a strong understanding of how to reach your visitors and will help you set up a cost-effective marketing plan.

Real-time insights

During the event you will be able to get real-time insight in your key metrics like Revenue, Average Order Value and Basket Size.


Once your event is over you can view and export all relevant information from our dashboard - aimed to make your admin as easy as possible.

PickUp is easy to setup

We’re built to integrate with your existing bar operations by delivering complimentary solutions. Our team provides a full service solution so you don’t have to worry about the implementation.