World off. Woov on.

We are Woov, the platform that helps you find your way in the crazy universe of festivals and nightlife.

Find your friends

Where are they partying? Stop wasting precious time and easily find your friends on our interactive maps.

Explore events around you

What’s going on tonight? Say farewell to FOMO, as we will show you the way in that crazy maze of festivals, clubs and concerts.

Create your
own party

Who’s joining your party? Share your own events whether in the city or on the festival, and engage your favourite community in celebration.


The world is your festival, explore it with our customized interactive maps. Whether on a festival, in the city or on holiday: we help you navigate the world around you with social context and give you a personalized offering.
Like NASA, but different.

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We have collaborated with festivals all over the world and are working around the clock to bring Woov to new markets and to become available at your favourite festivals.

Get in touch

Do you have feedback about our product or are you interested in becoming a partner of Woov? Please feel free to send us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.